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When something goes wrong with your trusty car, the best place to go is a certified dealership. While an independent mechanic may have a cheap fix, advertise lower prices, and several other enticing deals, it could cost you in the long run. A dealership has a number of benefits you don’t see, many of which make owning a car long term as easy as tying your shoes.

Choosing to buy a car and service at a dealership will ultimately net you a handful of deals in the future. Dealerships will often send you routine maintenance reminders, recall notices, and much more, making owning a car easier than ever. Keeping track of your car’s condition is effortless thanks to a dealership service department!

Every technician in a dealership’s service department is trained to work on a specific brand of cars, making them the all-knowing experts. They can find and fix common problems quickly and efficiently, ultimately lowering the cost to you. When you service at a dealership consistently, a technician can look up your vehicle’s service record to narrow down tougher problems as well.

A dealership keeps track of each and every car that comes through by creating an individual service record. By consistently servicing at a dealership, that record will reflect the type of car owner you are. Put simply, an accurate service record will list all the service, repairs, and checkups a car has had in the past. When it comes time to sell your car, an accurate service record will only increase your vehicle’s resale value.

Lastly, if something goes wrong with your car and you need a replacement part, a dealership is the best place to go. The manufacturer makes each part a dealership uses. As a result, the new part will fit and operate perfectly within your vehicle. If the new part is defective, a dealership will replace the part free of charge. Best of all, a warranty will eliminate the charge for most parts and service!Anchor
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