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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

OEM Parts
One of the advantages to having regular service at Chronic Nissan is that we use OEM parts. These vehicle components come from the same assembly line as the original parts on your car. That means they are of the highest quality, that they’ll fit correctly, and that they’ll likely come with added warranties. Read on to learn more about using OEM parts.
One of the major reasons to consider using OEM parts is for the premium quality. These parts are carefully tested at the factory before they are sold, ensuring proper functioning and durability. Essentially, OEM parts are much like brand-name products—when you want the best, buy from the manufacturer.

Additionally, OEM parts are guaranteed to fit your vehicle. Some third-party or junk-yard parts may be designed for other vehicles, which means that they won’t necessarily work right on your car. With the wide range of parts available on the market, you should play it safe by using OEM parts. In fact, that’s one reason many warranties require that you use OEM parts—anything else may compromise the quality of the vehicle.

Many OEM parts also come with one-year factory warranties. This gives many drivers added peace of mind, but it also shows that manufacturers are truly dedicated to providing the best possible quality and durability. While some OEM parts may have a higher sticker price than other parts, the added coverage is one thing that’s simply hard to find elsewhere.
OEM parts are the best of the best. Whether you need to replace major components or you simply need something as simple as an oil filter, buying manufacturer parts is bound to be better for your car. Here at Chronic Nissan, we use only OEM parts to ensure you get the best possible repairs and service.

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