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What Determines Your Credit Score?

What Determines Your Credit Score
Whether you’re buying a new car, used car, or if you’re leasing, you’ll need to have your credit score handy. But have you ever had trouble understanding what goes into your credit score? Here are some key factors that determine that tricky number.

Do You Pay On Time?

The more bills you pay on time, the better your credit score will be. Even having one late payment can negatively affect your score. If you do have any bills not paid, pay them as soon as possible to get your credit score back up.

How Many Credit Accounts Do You Have?

The more open accounts you have (whether it’s loans, store cards, or credit cards), the better. Why? Because having a large number of accounts indicates not only that you can balance that many accounts, but that you’ve gotten approved for all of them.

What is Your Overall Balance?

The less balance you carry from month-to-month, the better. Your ideal balance is 30% or less than your maximum balance allows. Stay under this for a better score.

How Long is Your Credit History?

The longer your credit history, the better. That’s because it allows creditors to track your history and analyze your spending better. A long and good credit history is ideal.

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