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Should I Repair or Replace my Old Car? | Griffin, GA

2017 Nissan Altima - Cronic Nissan - Griffin, GA

Should I Repair or Replace My Old Car?
Deciding whether to put the time and money into repairing your old car or just getting a new one can be a tricky decision, and it really depends on your priorities. If you prefer to save money, you’re worried about safety, or you want something easy and low-maintenance, there’s an option for you.
It’s true that the older your car is, the costlier repairs will be. However, an older car, especially one that’s paid off, could cost you less every month than a new car would, both in the monthly payment and insurance. But, an older car could also create major repairs that would cost significantly more than a monthly car payment, which might not be worth it.
On the other hand, if you only have a certain amount of room in your budget every month, you might not want a vehicle that could break down suddenly and create unexpected repair costs that you can’t afford on short notice. You can also get warranties and other benefits when you buy a new car that lower any maintenance and repair costs you might face.
Then there’s safety to think about. If safety is a big concern for you, especially if you have a family, you should think about how safe your older car is. Are the issues that need repaired a potential safety hazard if you don’t get them repaired soon or often enough? If so, it might be best to trade it in for a newer, more reliable vehicle.
Finally, newer cars might be more expensive, but they’re also easier to maintain. If you don’t have the time to take your vehicle to the shop often, trading up might be better for you.
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