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How to Jump Start a Car

Do you know how to jump-start a car? The first step involves getting your jumper cables out of the trunk. No cables? You should always have jumper cables in your trunk. It's an essential part of any emergency roadside kit. You can't count on a Good Samaritan always having cables.
Position both vehicles so that the cables can easily reach the engine compartments of both vehicles. Make sure both vehicles are off before you begin attaching the cables.
  1. Attach one of the red clips to the positive terminal of the dead battery.
  2. Attach the opposing red clip to the positive terminal of the live battery.
  3. Attach the adjacent black clip to the negative terminal of the live battery.
  4. Attach the opposing black clip to a metal surface on the vehicle with the dead battery in order to ground it.
Now all you have to do is start the vehicle with the dead battery. If the issue truly was just a drained battery, this is usually all it takes! Do not turn off the engine or else you risk having to repeat the process because the battery hadn't charged up yet! Remove the clips in the opposite order that you put them on.
If the vehicle still doesn't want to start, have the vehicle with the live battery run for about five minutes then try to start the other vehicle. If it still doesn't want to start, you may need a new battery or there are some other underlying cause. If that's the case, bring it to our expert service staff here at Cronic Nissan, so they can take a look under the hood.
How to Jump Start a Car

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